STERILITE 1655(10) With Belly Heat

Animal Plastics


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  • All racks are shipped unassembled to keep shipping costs as low as possible and reduce the chance of damage during shipping. Animal Plastics racks are very easy to assemble and instructions are provided.
  • This rack will hold 10 Sterilite 1655 tubs (10 pack of tubs).  Tubs available online or at most local target stores.
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  • Material: 1/2" CDPVC™ (Controlled Density PVC Plastic)
  • 3" flexible Belly Heat is included with the price of the rack
  • Tub size - 16(1/4)"W x 23"D x 6" H
  • Tubs are NOT included with this rack:
  • Photo above is not the exact image.  It is a 12 high in the photograph you are purchasing a 10 shelf high rack