Current Lead Times

October 2022 -

We have made a huge dent in our lead times.  Since lead times can be product specific, please email or call for our current estimates lead times.

Thank you 


June 2021-

Before you order, please be aware that with our current order volume we are estimating that it could take approximately 18-34 weeks for manufacturer and delivery for most units except quick ship items.  We are working our tails off two shifts a day, 14 hours a day (7am-9pm), 6 days a week to try and chip away at our lead times.

We have just purchased a second CNC router and bought a building three times the size we are in now.  We won't be fully functioning in the new facility until MAY 2020 but these changes will make a drastic improvement in our lead times.

Thank you so much for your patience!!  We will continue to work very hard to get you your products manufactured and shipped as fast as possible.

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