Animal Plastics Pick Up Location Sign Up

Animal Plastics
Authorized Pick Up Center Program
What’s the benefit to all involved?
Retail Facility:
  • Retail facility will receive a custom discount code they can pass out to their customers to use on our (Animal Plastics) website at checkout to receive a discount off all products except shipping and other sale items
  • Have the ability to gain new customers
  • Offer safe pickup location to your loyal customers
  • Customers don’t have to stress about package being left on the porch, deck, etc.
  • We will send signature required, another stress relief for you customers
  • Customers most likely will purchase other items at your store when they pick up the product
  • You can even charge customers a fee to assemble their product for them if they wish
  • Better discount may be possible if your Animal Plastic product shipment volume to your store increases
  • As you reach a minimum volume (yet to be determined) you will receive an LED sign promoting the program. The sign will also be customized with your store name on it as well. As your volume increases we may be able to send you more AP swag (shirts, etc.)
  • Safe delivery with signature required
  • Small discount on Animal Plastics products with custom discount code you will provide to them for orders on our website.  This code is applied at checkout and is good for all products except sale items and shipping
Animal Plastics:
  • Safer, more secure delivery with signature required
  • Possibly lower shipping rates to commercial facility
  • Continue to promote brand awareness through your facility in hopes of gaining new customers

What is required from you:

  • Must be a genuine, physical pet (live and/or dry goods) retail facility
  • Custom discount code will not apply to any sale items
  • Customer must order in their name but use your physical (commercial) address to ship to
  • Must allow signature required delivery (someone must sign for package)
  • Must be able to safely house product until customer can pick it up
  • Must have the ability for freight delivery (delivery by semi-truck) as well as standard ground delivery shipments
  • Must agree that Animal Plastics can remove you from the program at any time, without any reason
  • Must agree that once package is delivered and signed for it is your responsibility from that point on. Animal Plastics will not be responsible for the item any longer.
  • Must agree that you and your customer understand that any issues, problems, damages, etc.must be brought to Animal Plastics attention within 72 hours after confirmed delivery.