Cancellations and Cancellation Fee/Returns/Refunds/Storage Fees



Order Cancellations:

  • Please, if you are considering a refund and wanting to cancel an order placed with our company but not shipped yet contact us before filing a dispute or claim with your credit card or bank.  We are very good to work with.
  • If you decide you need to cancel your order for any reason you may do so for a refund as long as your product has not actually been manufactured yet. The refund to you will be the amount of the sale, including shipping less 2.6% processing fee that PayPal, Credit Card Companies, etc. will not refund to you for the transaction. 
  • Since all of our products are manufactured to order, orders are considered custom.  If you order has actually been manufactured and ready to ship we can not provide an immediate full refund.  We can provide you with full store credit, or we will give you a full refund when we find a buyer for your custom order.


  • We accept returns for store credit only. The amount of credit will be equal to the purchase price paid by the buyer. We do not issue credit or refunds on shipping and handling costs to or from your destination. Buyer will also be responsible to pay the shipping costs of the replacement item from our warehouse to buyer's destination. We try at all costs to avoid returns. Please make sure you ask as many questions as possible before placing an order as returns can get costly and time consuming for the buyer. Before issuing store credit, we must receive the returned item in the same condition as when it left our warehouse. Buyer will be responsible for properly packing the item for return shipping. The packing must be professionally done and the package must be strapped to a pallet to meet our carrier safety requirements. In the event the returned item arrives damaged, we will deduct the repair amount from your store credit until the damage claim funds have been issued to us from buyer or carrier. It is the buyer's responsibility to file the claim for damage. Please be advised that if the item arrives damaged due to improper packing, the claim for damage will be denied. After the item to be returned is completely packed, please call us at (515) 276-7387 so we can fax or email you the completed Bill of Lading required by the driver picking up.

Storage and Handling Fees:

  • Any orders for product, either not paid, partially paid, or paid in full, in which are completely manufactured and ready to ship but you,the buyer or representative of the buyer, have not agreed to or responded to our request to accept the product by shipping and that have been at our facility for more than 14 days may incur a storage and handling fee per day after the 14 days based on the order size or order amount.