Animal Plastics



  • All racks are shipped unassembled to keep shipping costs as low as possible and reduce the chance of damage during shipping. Animal Plastics racks are very easy to assemble and instructions are provided.
  • Material: 1/2" CDPVC™ (Controlled Density PVC Plastic
  • Heat is included with the price of the rack
  • Tub size - 35(5/8) x 18(1/4)" x 5(1/2)"
  • Rack holds one tub per shelf
  • Tubs are not included with this rack:
    • Click HERE to order single tubs or cases of 6 at a time
  • Stackable - AP(8765) series racks can stack on itself
  • Any standard AP(8765) rack over 6 shelves high must ship freight rather than ground. This may be costly if you are just purchasing one rack so it can be beneficial to either order two smaller racks and stack them or order multiple larger racks on one pallet to considerably reduce the amount of shipping per rack. Our shipping calculator on the cart page will provide you with the lowest price shipping available.