APS(A4) - 16L X 16D X 18H

Animal Plastics


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AP Signature Series

The all new, patent pending AP Signature Series cage line features a proprietary design engineered for a classy look with "EZ Build" features.   The AP Signature Series (APS) features an inset/overhang look, unique and proprietary to Animal Plastics.  You will be able to identify an APS cage from 20 feet away with the unique design.  We are so excited about this line we have applied for a design patent, ensuring that no mimic cages can be produced.  This design is available for all cages and custom cages.

The APS line is also faster to produce, box, and ship to help us overcome our long lead times.  Furthermore, if you thought our traditional line of cages was a snap to assemble,  wait until you assemble the APS line with EZ Build engineering.  A design so intricate that we may no longer have to pre-assemble our unites prior to shipping.  This will absolutely make an enormous dent in our lead times.

Another major benefit to the new design is when they are stacked side by side, the small inset/overhang of the cages allows about 1/2" of air gap between the two cages for better, cleaner ventilation for each individual cage.

The AP Signature Series is priced cheaper than the traditional line because they are much more efficient to build and we would like to try and phase out the traditional line in the future.

Shipping (added at checkout)

  • $30 (US 48 States) Multiple cages shipped freight can reduce the shipping fee.  Simply add quantities to your cart to view freight quote if applicable.
  • All cages are shipped unassembled to keep shipping cost as low as possible and to help prevent damage in shipping.  Assembly is very easy, instructions are provided along with a build tutorial on our website.
  • Slightly smaller in length than our traditional cage line, they will stack on them with the supplied stacking pins. 


  • Material: 1/2" CDPVC™ (Controlled Density PVC Plastic)
  • Actual Outside Dimensions: 15(7/8)L x 15(3/4)D x 18H
  • Venting: Standard "Slit" venting on upper back wall corners and side corners