MU48X12X12(4) - 48W X 12D X 12H (UP TO 4 COMPARTMENTS)

Animal Plastics


  • Most versatile multi-unit cage on the market.  With pop in/lock in dividers, the dividers can easily be removed to provide you with the flexibility you want in your cage.  You can have 1 large compartment cage, 2 compartment, 3 or 4 compartments by simply adding or removing the pop in\lock in dividers.

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  • $52 (US 48 States) 
  • All cages are shipped unassembled to keep shipping cost as low as possible and to help prevent damage in shipping.  The cages are preassembled to ensure a perfect fit. Reassembly is very easy, instructions are provided.


  • Material: 1/2" CDPVC™ (Controlled Density PVC Plastic)
  • Actual Outside Dimensions: 47(3/4)W x 11(7/8)D x 11(3/4)H
  • Interior Dimension Of Each Compartment:11(1/16)W x 9(7/8) x 10(3/4)H
  • Venting: Standard "Slit" venting in each compartment