Attention - Actual cage sizes have changed

Animal Plastics is in the process of making minor changes to all of our cage sizes.  These changes may be in the height, length, width, window size, etc. Most of these changes are less than a 1/4".   We are making these changes for the following reasons:

  • Trying to standardize similar sizes of cages so parts can be interchangeable
  • Changes will allow smaller cages to stack perfectly on larger cages
  • Changes are being made to help us be more efficient in production to help reduce lead times

For example, our T8 was 48(1/4)" long when assembled.  We are changing the size so that the cage is exactly 48" when assembled.  This will allow two T8's to stack perfectly on an 8' (96") cage.  

How will this possibly affect you?  If you have an older model of a cage and purchase a new one, they will be slightly different in size.  The only noticeable difference will be when you try to stack the two.  The new one will be slightly smaller.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but these changes must be made for our company to become more efficient. Reducing lead times is our #1 goal and this is just one of many changes we have made to tackle it.

Thank you

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